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golden globes, baby.

38 icons from the red carpet (and a couple from afterthingies) at the golden globes. no real rhyme or reason - just people i like and/or think are pretty.

under the cut: jenna fischer (& with jkras), zach braff (& with john stamos), various heroes cast (milo, adrian, hayden, ali), naomi watts, kate heigl, tina fey, mary-louise parker, josh holloway, jennifer hudson, abigail breslin, michael c. hall, justin kirk, kate winslet (& with leo), cameron diaz, america ferrara, drew barrymore, justin timberlake.

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the o.c. 4x10 - ryan, taylor, ryan/taylor

so i was playing around with the caps i made, messing with coloring and stuff, and i wound up making a slew (like...146) of icons. they're all textless, but if you want text added to something, let me know. :)

not pornographic. just deeply, deeply sexual.Collapse )

comments & credit are always fun! :)


FNL 1x11 - tim and landry.

my new hilarious otp. :P

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the black donnellys - pilot.

30 icons + 27 variations from the black donnellys pilot. [tv.com page]

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i'm rarely happy with the text on my icons and this set is no exception, but i'm actually quite fond of all the textless ones, so yay!

comment, credit and WATCH THE SHOW THIS MARCH! ♥

heroes & mars.

some random icons i'd made but never posted. i really hate some of them, but there are a handful that look decent.

14 heroes (1.05 & 1.07, i think), 8 veronica mars (3.09).

i'll be posting a batch from the pilot of the black donnellys later -- but i actually LIKE those so they get their own entry, lol.

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comment, credit (piratesdaughter or lickablepixels), enjoy!

the heroes of orange county.

six heroes, 43 (22 + variations) the o.c. (taylor, r/t).

the heroes ones were inspired by the breakfast club, in case it wasn't obvious.

yes, squared. in caps. with an exclamation point and a smiley-faced emoticon! :)Collapse )

comments are the best and credit is for winners! ;)

42 the o.c.

ryan, taylor, ryan/taylor, ben mckenzie, autumn reeser and ben/autumn. (i don't actually ship real life people, but they're cute and they're ryan/taylor, so they get icons anyway, hee.)

42 in total -- i think 15 or so are variations.Collapse )

comment, credit, enjoy!


the o.c. 4.05 - "the sleeping beauty."

20 icons of the o.c. 4x05 - "the sleeping beauty."

all ryan, taylor or r/t.

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team dunder-mifflin!

because pam & karen aren't the only ones who deserve their own teams, dammit.

22 in total. 2 dwights 'cuz i'm indecisive.Collapse )

i think that's everyone, right?

also: in case you can't tell/are confused -- karen's has a GI joe in honor of michael's comment about her dad. i couldn't think of anything better for her, although i'm open to suggestions. that being said, i love karen, so no, i'm not putting GIANT MANSTEALING WHORE on there. :P phyllis has a fridge in honor of bob vance. i was originally giving her a perfume bottle, but none of the ones i found looked right to me. andy and dwight have their respective vehicles - a trans am for dwight and an xterra for andy. i think the other ones are easy enough.

oh, and i was going to do darryl (that's what she said), but i was going to put a slice of pizza (in reference to michael wondering if black people like pizza, lol), and i didn't know if anyone would get it/care about having it. so if you're team darryl and you want me to make it, let me know. my only other idea was a snorkel in honor of snorkel shots, but it looked kind of awkward. dinkin flicka.


16 icons from the o.c. 4x04 - "the metamorphosis." 3 of taylor, the rest of taylor & ryan.

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