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speezy and beezy.

omg, i made icons! just a bunch of variations on one adorable pic. :D

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9 icons i made for myself and never posted, as well as 7 headers, some of which are retired ones of mine. all featuring blake lewis or blake lewis/chris richardson.

01. 02. 03.
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you make me feel like i am whole again.

blake, as usual. 18 in total. i wasn't feeling very text-y, so most of them are textless. um, except for the two that are text icons, obvs.

yell at me if you want text on something.

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is he rich like me?

39 total - blake and blake/ryan. and one text icon. a couple of the blake/ryan are vaguely slashy, sorry if that hurts your feelings.

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team blake, as usual.

almost all of these were made from the same two pictures, because a) i liked the pics, and b) i made a bunch on one computer and then switched to a different computer, and realized that color appears TOTALLY different on one versus the other. so...yeah. hopefully something will look good to someone? i had fun playing around, at any rate.

also, there is one with a swear on it, so don't click if that upsets you, i guess.

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isn't that crazy?

blake lewis. (yes, again. this is what i do when i can't sleep.) and one blake + chris sligh.

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11 blake lewis/chris richardson, 6 blake, 9 blake/ryan seacrest. :D well, a bunch of those are variations, but whatever.

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i take no credit whatsoever for the "cake" (chris + blake) name - i've just seen it around and it worked with that pic. however, i'd like to point out that blake + chris s. = bliss. hee.

♥ most pics courtesy of blakergirls.com.
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if you have a minute why don't we go.

21 blake lewis (american idol). well, 9 + variations, and 3 blake-related text.

the pretty floral textures are from dearest, i think. they reminded me of blake's cherry blossom tattoo. :)

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american idol.

23 of american idol contestant blake lewis, because hi, he's pretty.

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